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  1. 1. EDpuzzle - Is a excellent new site that allows educators to edit/crop a video and then "flip a classroom" by adding questions to assess a student's understanding. Best of all, there is a feature to record your own audio to add audio notes or narration to a video.


Video captions


remove the distractions around youtube



create and explore video trivea

Video can be embedded within blogs, wikis, homepages, and online courses
Some online video tools may be blocked in your institution but their are many to choose from and they are fabulous tools for sharing student and teacher created videos!

22 Frames

The World Health Organization estimates 278 million people worldwide have some form of hearing impairment.
A significant number of English as a second language (ESL) students are practicing English listening through captioned videos.
A Nielsen study suggests that there has ver a 300 percent increase in online video watching since 2003. Further, most watching is done during work hours. Workplace computers are often muted or have no speakers.
Several billions of videos are watched monthly worldwide, with many of them in different languages.

send private videos to friends
Plays on most smart phones
Video mails up to 10 minutes.
Self-destruct after # of views
Retract video email at will
Send and Read notifications
Video stored up to 365 days
No account or downloads


turn text into videos


images of life on earth

Australian Screen

Developed by Curriculum Corporation through The Le@rning Federation, the education collection is designed to help teachers and students make the most of the wide range of moving image resources on the site. The clips in this collection are accompanied by teachers’ notes created by specialist curriculum writers. Expert curators’ notes also provide useful background material.
Clips in this collection have been selected for their educational value and any clips that are considered potentially disturbing carry clear classification warnings.There are currently 1065 clips with teachers’ notes.

BBC Film Network


Digital Story Telling

Documentary Heaven


Posted On: July 15, 2009 Documentary Heaven was set up early July 2009 to provide the public with a vast collection of documentaries spanning across every genre out there. We intend on continuously updating the site on a daily basis to bring you nothing but the very best.
We understand that the internet can be a very interesting place filled with much to do, but have you ever had one of those days where there seems to be absolutely nothing amongst that vast collection of websites out there that could possibly interest you? Well now there is documentaryheaven.com. So whenever your bored, just relaxing or simply in the mood to watch something interesting, why not pop onto our site and find a documentary that takes your interest! There is no hidden agenda here, you see we simply just want to freely entertain the masses!!

Making Videos on the Web - A Guide for Teachers

Editing software

how-to videos and advice
free video editing software



GlomeraBroadcast live scheduled and on demand videos

Launch, manage and publish your professional Internet TV in a few steps

Upload your videos and create the style and layout of your channel.

Increase traffic to your website through viral video sharing

Track the performance of your scheduling with real-time statistics

Internet Movie Screen Database

From Nik peachey's s quickshout.blogspot.com/2009/06/database-of-film-scripts.html
a great blog entry on suggested uses with students
"It has quite a few up-to-date movies that are reasonably easy to access. You can search for a particular name or browse by genre or by alphabetical listing. There's a landing page with a few ads on before you get to the actual script link, but one you get to the script it's reasonably easy to print or copy for you students"
other links from Nik Peachey

Here you can find activities for exploiting movies
Related links:


Get your favorite videos and and photos out

Whether it is from your camera, mobile phone or webcam – upload all the clips you want, in over a hundred different file formats, all at once.
When it is on JayCut you can make many clips into one file, a mix, trimming the boring
parts out, adding captions and music – making it a creative masterpiece.[[image:access-ability/images/circleNr2.jpg]]

Cut a video or slideshow

The JayCut mixer allows you to make creative master pieces, or mixes for short, out of your video clips and photos. By creating groups you can share the photos, raw video and the finished mixes with your friends and family.
Like the best things in life JayCut is simple and free. You don’t need to download any additional software – all you need is a browser, a JayCut account and a broadband connection.

Share and download


Share, export, embed…
When you are done editing, it may be time to share your mix with others. You can share with family and friends directly on JayCut. You can download the new mix to your PC or iPod. Or you can embed them directly on your MySpace page or your blog.

Johnlocker.comAn extensiveeducational video librarythat will allow you to learn about any topic you can think of. Teachers and students will both benefit from the many videos that can be viewed through the site. The many documentaries that can be seen online will allow you to learn more about topics as diverse as sports and science (there’s even a category named “weird”). This makes the site a great resource that can be consulted when you want to learn more about any particular subject. There are many long documentaries hosted by the site, not just snippets. This allows you to get the whole idea, not just a quick glimpse. Once you create an account, you’ll be able to mark videos as favorites and share them with your friends (much like YouTube). Videos can also be shared through Facebook and other popular social networks so you shouldn’t have a problem spreading the word on a particularly interesting video you found on the site.


Upload your media, grab shared media, create and remix movies, publish to your friends, share with the world.

Learn Out Loudlearnoutloudhomepagegif.gif[[image:file/view/learnoutloudhomepagegif.gif align="right" link="http///www.learnoutloud.com/Free-Audio-Video]]

LearnOutLoud.com is your one-stop destination for audio and video learning.
Browse over 20,000 educational audio books, MP3 downloads, podcasts, and videos.


==New tools workshop

external image Picture+1.png


the result of matching Wikipedia entries to YouTube videos.

external image Picture+9.png[[exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.nonfictionvideos.com/|NonFiction Videos]]
includes well-known films like [[exchweb/bin/redir.asp?URL=http://www.nonfictionvideos.com/documentaries/super-size-me|SuperSize Me]]. Some of the videos contain material that you would not want elementary or middle school students to view without supervision.
It is possible to embed high-quality documentary films into your course's blog or website for students to watch outside of your classroom.

one true media

photograpy and imagery


add bubbles and subtitles



creenToaster is an online tool/service that lets you record, publish and spread video tutorials, demos, lectures and more. You can now ...
  1. Upload your videos to YouTube in HD. YouTube videos now include soundtrack
  2. Download in.mov for video editing. Benefit frm 3rd party video editing tools to rework your videos.
  3. Beta test their recorder API. Let your users publish videos directly on your blog, forum, website or extranet. Ideal for collaborative projects, professional tutorials, user support and feedback management.


wiki page of 100's of resources to make videos from your photos


Stock footage For FREE


Be seen, heard, and read
you can create captions for your YouTube videos. It’s easy to use and it’s free.
  • Offer viewers a transcript to read.
  • Improve discoverability and searching for sales and training videos.
  • Create and edit closed captions in multiple languages.
  • Export captions and upload them to your YouTube account.
  • Simple and secure sign in using your Google account.

external image Picture+10.pngDotSub
- great tool for subtitling videos in any language.
- on DotSub you can have other users contribute to the subtitling process.


TED conference


Your eyes can't catch everything! So, move your mouse to scrub or your keyboard to scroll through TIME WARP's high-speed scenes frame by frame!


Anorexia, poverty, depression, sex and crime are but a few of the social issues you’ll find on TrueTube. There are hundreds of real stories, voices from the “man in the street” and “expert” interviews, all brought together to highlight different angles to the issues at hand. Many videos and animations are made by us; others come to us from all over the world.
TrueTube doesn’t judge, we don’t take sides and we certainly don’t think we have THE answers. We just want to give you food for thought.
Watch and Think
Interested in seeing what others have to say? Search the videos and other media on any keyword and sort the results by date, title etc. Or, you can browse by issue.
In the column to the left, you’ll find the eight themes in which the issues are brought together. Click on the theme name and you’ll see the issues underneath.
Each issue has a number of videos, animations and what have you. Click and take a look. Of course, we’d like to hear what you think, so rate the items or leave a comment. And tell your friends…
Random Rant is an area where we offer a selection of items about topics, close to contributors’ (and our) hearts but which may not quite fit with the main issues.
Under the Action header beneath the Themes on the left, you’ll find three sections:
  • Start a revolution; the items in this section show how individuals have gotten involved in good causes and have changed the world through their own actions. Who knows, you might get inspired….
  • Choose your cause:more interested in joining an existing charity? Here you’ll find promotional films from the likes of Greenpeace, Amnesty and Save the Children.
  • Masterclass. On this page, you’ll find videos and other items which give you some tools if you want to take action


Find any video on YouTube
Download to your computer with one click
Watch anywhere at any tim
Watch YouTube on your iPod in 3 clicks, for free.e

UStream. tv

Using Photographs to Enhance Videos of a Static Scene

video streaming


great alternative to your tube
Viddler's comment system allows you to insert comments directly into the video stream

Viddler, Viddler's comment system allows you to insert comments directly into the video stream

Here are some of things Mr. Lehmann said that caught Richard Byrne's attention.
1. "Technology needs to be like oxygen."
2. "Good data costs a lot more than we want to spend. Good data is the work kids do every single day, it's not the answers they get on a test."
3. "We teach kids, not subjects."
4. "You want to see what kids have learned, give them a project."
5. "We have one thing left to teach and that is... wisdom."



external image moz-screenshot-13.jpg


free service that allows you to build, host, and share a collection of the videos you find on the Internet.
Watch videos at Vodpod and more of my videos

accepts videos from a wide range of sources including TeacherTube and most of the major news websites. and allows you to share videos through widgets and email. Anyone can view VodPod's public videos and viewing the VodPod site shows your video along with related videos collected by other users.

In their words..
Your very own web site, where people can watch videos you've posted from YouTube, Comedy Central, MSNBC, ESPN, Hulu, and 1000s of other sites.
Make it a video section for your blog or website.
Customize our templates with a simple drag-and-drop interface.
Map it to your own domain or sub-domain.

VuvoxFast layout and customisation of photos, video, text and music.

Add media hotspots, narrate interactivity. Publish to any webpage

jAll videos organized by category and sub-category.
- organized as a Web 2.0 community where input is welcome from all
- teachers and librarians have been hired to edit the directory
- includes a description, age level information and rating.
- Access to videos does not require registration, but you must register if you wish to add videos to the collection.
- Larry Sanger, the co-founder of Wikipedia, is the executive director of WatchKnow.


quick and efficient video searching.


Wildlife film maker

from the national geographic site


If you can type, you can make movies. Text-to-MovieTM
watch, create, remix and share movies
This easy, fun and free site helps you to instantly create movies. Includes sets, actors and sounds.


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