“Webquest.” Bernie Dodge, who originated the model in 1995, described it like this in a comment on Larry Ferlazzo's blog last year:
“A critical attribute of a WebQuest is that it engages higher level thinking, the upper part of Bloom’s taxonomy. Things like creativity, analysis, synthesis. judgment…. A WebQuest is also wrapped around a single challenging task, not a sequence of separate activities A WebQuest isn’t a scavenger hunt and it isn’t a worksheet with links.”

Art of the Rain Forest starSean.giftfrog.png
- fun way for students to practice reading for information and practicing the inferring reading strategy.
- mystery involving art, science, history, and the culture of Costa Rica
- Before reading the story build background knowledge by using the built in research guide.

Students can learn more about Costa Rica with an interactive map, learn about the works of art they will see in the story, and the different animals represented in the works of art.

best web quests

From Tom March

Active Historyach.jpg

from @russeltarr
Active History offers award-winning methods of bringing world history alive in the school classroom. It is packed with virtual interviews, online simulations, educational arcade games, worksheets, lesson plans and revision quizzes.

As the work of a full-time teacher, the site is practical and regularly updated.

Blogs2Teach tool

directions for making an online webquest

Creating a Webquest (Education World)

CSI The experience

Explorer Webquest[[image:file/view/tb_webquest.jpg align="right" link=""]]

Internet exploration about famous people. Choose an explorer and then use the links to find the answers to the three questions you'll find there. Be careful to check your facts!


a simple tool to make your webquest of lists available to your students online


Jog the web

a web-based tool that allows anyone to create a synchronous guide to a series of web sites.
Its step by step approach of taking viewers through web sites allowing the author to annotate and ask guiding questions for each page is unique.

Kathy Schrocks Webquests defined

Larry Ferlazzo's

The Best Places To Create (And Find) Internet Scavenger Hunts & Webquests

Quest Gardenqglogo2zf.jpg

QuestGarden is an online authoring tool, community and hosting service that is designed to make it easier and quicker to create a high quality WebQuest. No knowledge of web editing or uploading is required. Prompts, guides and examples are provided for each step of the process. Images, worksheets and other documents can easily be attached or embedded in the WebQuest, and users have complete control over the appearance of the final lesson.

Teacher first Webquests

This tutorial introduces you to Webquests – an internet activity which lets you create something useful for your students while increasing your web "comfort level" at the same time. A well-designed webquest lets you turn your students loose on the web for a specific project and get results that both you and your students will like.

You can make your webquest available online for use at school and at home. These tools give you a way to post them online:


a free option if you are willing to let other teachers use your webquest ( read the user terms)

Webquest Simple Tool

Webquest locator

A VERY simple

one-page tool from Canada

Rubric for Evaluating Webquests

Rubys Bequest

Trailfire[[image:file/view/banner.png link=""]]

Find what you want on the web in an entirely new way. Follow trails of web pages and discover new ideas, hot topics, reviews

Waltees quest

An interactive mystery/art/ adventure

search existing webquests by age group or topic or create your own
Bernie Dodge of San Diego State University developed the idea of WebQuests to teach students how to effectively use the Internet for research. Webquests are inquiry based lessons in which all or part of the information that learners interact with comes from resources on the Internet. A short-term WebQuest is designed to be completed in a few class periods. At the end of a WebQuest, a learner will have grappled with a significant amount of new information and made sense of it.


[[image:file/view/zlogo.jpg align="right" link=""]]
is a web-based software for creating WebQuests in a short time. When you use zWebquest, you will not need any of writing HTML code or using any web editor software. zWebquest creates all the necessary files and puts them on the server automatically. Hosting is FREE!


How to play wiki-tag!

Published June 12, 2009

external image 3547628473_0d7a204c14_o.jpg
WONDERING what to do when first faced with a 9th grade class armed with 1:1 laptops? Here’s a couple of ideas … let’s kick off with the bad way… then move to a fun way. All you need to play is a PBWorks. This is one of those learn it in 10 minute things.
Some will set about establishing THE ‘rules’ – what you can’t do and how you will behave in MY classroom – or else.
They start with threats, expose weakness, discount opportunity and never test student strengths.
You know what I’d do? Play Wiki-Tag!

Internet search challenge

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