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Teux Deux

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Simply add items to your day's agenda, and specify how long each will take. Timeslot will automatically generate start and end times for each item, so when you have to make a change, your entire agenda will update to flow around it.

for individual
for groups

- easy to register and easy-to-use task management service
- various apps available for phones and web


Jane Harts Calendars, Event & Meeting Scheduling Tools

40 + tools where you can create and share your calendars, organise meetings and other events.


Calendar, Organizing, Task managment and to do tools


Cool Timer.




Program executes action specified by user (turn off, restart computer, hibernate, suspend, logout user, lock desktop, display text, play sound, run other application).

It's run at time specified or when idle time elapses. It can also repeat actions after n minutes or start countdown seconds to execute action.

Marxio Timer can display countdown window, can be minimized to icon, on taskbar or hidden from user eyes completely.

Started actions can be secured with password - no terminate possible if user doesn't know the right password.

Created actions can be saved for further use and shortcut can be put on Windows desktop or autostart group to speed up access to created actions.

Marxo Timer has eye friendly user interface, a lot of keyboard shortcuts, almost any visual control has a hint describing its function, so even program manual is not needed, even for kids :)

Google Desktop Timer,


Title Bar Browser Timer,

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