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body electricity calculator

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great ideas for projects, games, lesson plans
  • Energy Basics
  • Forms of Energy
    • Laws of Energy
    • Sources of Energy
  • Energy Units Basics
  • Energy Calculators
  • Periodic Table



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Fun games, downloadable activities

Global Warming: Science and Society

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Edible/Inedible Experiments Archive

This list of fun and very simple experiments should quickly bring back fond memories from your childhood. The experminents involve simple items that you can find around your house and they should not take too long to setup. Examples include the Baking Soda Volcano and Soda Geyser.

Evil Mad Scientist

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This web sites motto is, “Making the World a Better Place, One Evil Mad Scientist at a Time”, and each week they feature a new do it yourself project. These projects are a bit more advanced then the ones from the previous web site and you may have to go out and purchase some things to create your own project, but the ideas are way cool. Since I am a robot nut, I was partial to the Bristlebot, which was a tiny vibrating robot made from the head of a toothbrush.


Joey Green’s Mad Scientist Experimentsexternal image madscientist3a.jpg

These fun and easy experiments involve common materials you will find around the house
- hundreds of little-known uses for well-known products

Larry Ferlazzo's Science Links

This page from Larry Ferrlazo's excellent website has a variety of science related links appropriate for English Language Learners. All of them have both audio and text.


Fun, interactive, simulations of physical phenomena from the PhET project at the University of Colorado.
Chemistry, Physics, Maths Earth sciences
The simulations are interactive tools that enable students to make connections between real life phenomena and the underlying science which explains such phenomena. Our team of scientists, software engineers and science educators use a research-based approach – incorporating findings from prior research and our own testing – to create simulations that support student engagement with and understanding of scientific concepts.
In order to help students visually comprehend these concepts, PhET simulations animate what is invisible to the eye through the use of graphics and intuitive controls such as click-and-drag manipulation, sliders and radio buttons. In order to further encourage quantitative exploration, the simulations also offer measurement instruments including rulers, stop-watches, voltmeters and thermometers. As the user manipulates these interactive tools, responses are immediately animated thus effectively illustrating cause-and-effects relationships as well as multiple linked representations (motion of the objects, graphs, number readouts, etc…).

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Free & fun Science resources for children, young people, teachers and parents.

Planet Science is a big site, but organised into 8 main sections as you can see on the striped menu on the left, each with its own type of visitor in mind, its own colour and its own content.

The home page of each section is where you'll find the links to all the content in that section, newest features nearest the top.

Mad Scientist Party

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Why not get some of your friends together and host a mad scientist party? This site will tell you all you need to know about hosting such a party, including invitations, games, and even an evil eye cake.

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PBS Zoom Science

The Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) hosts a very popular kids show called Zoom science. Not only does the associated web site include fun experiments seen on the show, but you can even send in the results from your own wacky science experiment and they may feature it on the show.

Prehistoiric life


department of innovation, industry, science and research

Rhythm Rhyme Results Science (2008)

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Individual Song Pages

Each song page includes streaming audio (original version only), lyrics, and additional educational resources on the topic.
  1. Layers of the Earth
  2. Radiation, Conduction, Convection
  3. Sun, Earth, Moon
  4. Photosynthesis
  5. Multicellular Organisms
  6. Circulatory System
  7. Water Cycle
  8. Weight, Mass, Volume, Density
  9. Lab Safety!

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- suggestions for science fair projects
- tips on how to build the projects and additional support resources
- printable directions for carrying-out more than two dozen experiments

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A collection of science videos from Darren Fix

Science World

interactive flash based games on basic science concepts (beginners)[[image:file/view/ban_skoool.gif link=""]]

Steve Spangler Science Experiments

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Steve Spangler performs science experiments for a weekly local television show, but his web site features some really fun and simple science experiments you can do at home. Steve tries really hard to make science fun.


The Scientific Method Webpage


scienceworld playstuff

science games

sounds amazing..sound waves


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tree of life project


Wicked Science Interactives

Explore the interactives about earth – what it looks like and what it’s made of, and try out the interactives about volcanoes and earthquakes.




The WikiPremed MCAT Course is an open access comprehensive course in the undergraduate level general sciences.


Mr Kirlpatricks Useful Videos