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Your career tree traces the branches of your education and work life, and lets you connect with others who share similar paths. Every addition causes your tree to grow a new branch so the bigger the career, the bigger the tree. And you can share it with Facebook friends and on Twitter! To get started, import your information from LinkedIn or use the form from newsweek.

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Choose from thousands of job phrases,
step by step instructions for creating a resume for any occupation and career level.
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Effective job-seekers routinely modify their resume to target a specific job. This can dramatically increase your chances of being hired, but it is also very time-consuming.
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  • Resume Readiness Quiz
    • Put your resume to the test to find out if it has what it takes to compete in today's competitive job market.
  • The Admin Resume Quiz
    • As an admin, you're well-versed in the written word, accurate and organized. Is your resume like you? In times like these, you want to make sure it is.
  • Finance Resume Quiz
    • Is your finance resume on the money? Take this quiz to see if your resume will help you cash in on the best job opportunities.
  • Healthcare Resume Readiness Quiz
    • Are you confident your resume will make it to the yes pile? Take our Resume Readiness Quiz for healthcare pros, and see if your resume passes the test.
  • Nurse Resume Quiz
    • Is your nursing resume the picture of health, or does it need some emergency care? Take our resume readiness quiz for nurses to find out.
  • Resume Quiz for HR Professionals
    • As an HR professional, your resume should be top-notch, right? Take this quiz to see how your resume will stand up to the scrutiny of your peers.
  • Resume Quiz for Legal Professionals
    • Your legal resume should not read like a typical legal document. So is your resume ready for judgment? Take our quiz and find out.
  • Resume Quiz for Retail Professionals
    • In retail, one thing matters: Performance. Your resume needs to demonstrate how you contributed to your company's bottom-line success. Is your resume ready?
  • Resume Quiz for Technology Professionals
    • Does your resume read like the code you write? Take our resume readiness quiz for technology pros and discover if your resume is ready for distribution.

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Glossary of career exploration terms

1. The Learning Edge2. Career Voyages3. Hot Shot Business4. Career Capture5. Penny's Search6. Bioworks U7. California Career Zone8. Emurse9. Everyday Life10. Kids Work11. Words Revision12. Occupations

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U.S. primary source of occupational information. Here you will find news and information about the O*NET program. This site is your source for O*NET products, including O*NET data, career exploration tools, and reports.

Resume Design - This handout offers advice making informed design choices in creating a resume. We also have a sample resume that uses these design principles available in the media section above.
Resumes 1: Introduction to Resumes - Before beginning to write your resume, it is a good idea to understand what you are writing, why you are writing it, and what is expected as you write it. This basic introduction will aid both new resume writers and those who may have forgotten certain details about resume writing.
Resumes 2: Resume Sections - When writing a resume, you need to understand the specific needs of each section. This resource, with information about contact information, education, and work experience sections, will help explain what each section requires.
Resumes 3: When to Use Two Pages or More - You have probably heard the saying, "Keep your resume to a page." Although this is true for most cases, many employers are accepting longer certain instances. Use this resource to gain more understanding about what constitutes the page length of a resume.
Resumes 4: Scannable Resumes - This handout provides a traditional resume sample and a scannable resume sample for a comparison as well as general guidelines on writing scannable resumes.
Management Resumes - This handout describes how to tailor your resume when applying for management positions.
Writing the Curriculum Vitae - This handout provides an overview of strategies for writing an effective curriculum vitae. This topic is particularly important for graduate students who are entering the academic job market for the first time.
Reference Sheets - This section details how to develop and format a reference sheet.
Example Employment Documents - These annotated employment documents provide examples of resumes, CVs, and cover letters for a variety of disciplines.

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