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external image Picture+1.pngThe BBC News Globe is a continuously rotating globe that displays news from two popular RSS feeds published by the BBC. As the globe rotates a new placemarker appears for each new story in the RSS feed.

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CBBC NewsRound Presspack

The Press Pack is a club jam-packed with cool stuff all based around the news and reporting it!
Not only that but if you sign up to become a Press Pack member, you'll get points for everything you do on the site whether it's a journalism tutorial or playing one of our cool games.
So, for those of you who haven’t yet put pen to paper, oops, that should be fingers to the keyboard, get ready to be part of the Press Pack!

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Media Cloud

You can use this form to create charts showing information about different media sources. The Media Cloud system identifies relevant terms from news stories and allows you do analysis of that data. Try it. If you find something interesting, leave a comment below.


engaging and accessible design of multi-colored blocks that show a headline, a summary of the story, and a link to the whole piece


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Special News English

images and audio support for text.

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