Animaps extends the My Maps feature of Google Maps by letting you create maps with markers that move, images and text that pop up on cue, and lines and shapes that change over time.
When you send your Animap to friends it appears like a video - they can play, pause, slow and speed up the action!



Atlapedia Online contains full color physical maps, political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.


Simple, free online-mapping
  • Create a high-quality online map in a few seconds
  • Embed a map on your page in any size or format
  • Allow readers to plot comments & photos on maps
  • Upload your data in CSV format
  • Download your data in KML format
  • Map data from Wikipedia and Google Local Search
  • Display the weather forecast for US locations New!

all national anthems

a map, built on Yahoo Maps, that makes it easy to find the national anthem of almost every country in the world. Along with each country's national anthem, users will find some basic almanac-style information. Each national anthem is played via a Youtube video.

click 2 map

Create your maps and add your own points of interest in just a few clicks free of charge. Download your maps and publish them on your website free of charge.


for an example of what a message can look like click the picture link

click this link to create your ownlogotan.gif

Google Earth

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Google Earth as an Almanac
external image Picture+8.png
Google Earth has a myriad of creative files that people have developed and shared on the Internet.

the Google Earth Blog that is essentially an online almanac of world data.
Contained in the file are flags serving as placemarks for each country.
Clicking on each placemark reveals information and links to stories about that country.
Most of the data is drawn from the CIA World Factbook. You can access the file here.

Applications for Education
This Google Earth file is a good way for students to associate the names of countries and pertinent data about those countries to a geographic location.
In the Ancient Rome 3D layer, you can:rome4.jpg
  • Fly into Rome as it looked in 320 A.D.
  • Tour the interior of famous buildings.
  • Visit the sites in 3D such as the Roman Forum, Colosseum and the Forum of Julius Caesar.
  • Learn about how the Romans lived.

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external image Picture+6.pngThe iconic Route 66 roadway across the western United States is full of stories. In 2002 Jim Crim and Shekar Davarya under the supervision of Johns Hopkins University traveled Route 66 collecting oral histories along the way. The stories from that project are displayed in the Google View Map
This map is a good example of how Google Maps can be used to display historical content and literature content. This is also a good example of recording oral history to preserve aspects of culture.

courtesy of Middleclass Girl

mapeas.pngMap Compare

Mashup compares 4 different map tyopes in one, yahoo, bing and google earth (requires download of google earth plug in)


World new on a map
- Click any circle on the map to zoom-in on a location and select a story.
- Stories are provided by ABC, NBC, Fox, the Associated Press, and AFP.
- Stories are linked to articles for further reading and or to videos.


makes the world a canvas for our stories and photos.
It is an ancient human instinct to share our life stories with others, as the paintings and hand prints in stone-age caves show.




doodle on google

Reach the World,

is a free online game that teaches geography concepts in a fun, interactive way. RTW, the sponsoring nonprofit, delivers resources based on global journeys by real travelers to its web site, Students and teachers in underprivileged public schools and across the nation use these resources to augment Social Studies, Science, Literacy and other curricula. RTW supports the students and teachers in its programs by providing tech support and teacher training, which enable them follow the journeys online.

share my map

Be as generic or as specific as you wish.
Create you own community, receive contributions, add relevant information, rate and comment on all shared items.
Or simply log in to find the places you are looking for - be it the best bar in São Paulo or the top sand-boarding spot in Cape Town.


Show world

SELECT a subject from the top menu and watch the countries on the map change their size. Instead of land mass, the size of each country will represent the data for that subject --both its share of the total and absolute value.

Slide Map

a mashup of Flickr photos and a Yahoo map to find images of countries and cities. To use select a country from the drop down menus, when your selected country's map loads simply place your mouse over a tag on the map and images connected to that tag appear.


  • Create customized Data Maps.
  • Locate & See your data on GoogleMaps.
  • Share & Enrich your knowledge.

Just choose a country and a way to create your map by color, type values or by uploading your excel files (you can even use your zip/postal code column to get the best and most accurate maps!)
But, the best is yet to come : all maps are published & shared in the community, boosting everyone’s knowledge!
And that’s not all . Once you’ve shared your map, you can also improve and compare it with other people’s related maps & data
...and Embed the maps in your blog
...and Insert customized maps in your PowerPoint presentations


Easily make shareable, animated maps with photos, music, links and stories


Create interactive flash maps
• Display maps on your website or social network
• Export data to Flash ActionScript 3.0 or KML
• Explore and interact with our map community
• Fulfill all your map-making dreams

external image Picture+6.pngWoices (not voices) is a new, unique service that combines the ideas of podcast conversations with place-marking service of Google Maps. Using Woices users record a message in their native language and mark on a Google Map the place from which they are recording or the place that is the subject of the audio recording. Woices does not require users to have or to download any special software, you can record directly to the Woices website. Once a recording is posted other users can respond with their own message.

Worldmapper is a collection of world maps, where territories are re-sized on each map according to the subject of interest

- The maps are based on economic, scientific, and demographic data sets.

-All of the maps created by World Mapper can be downloaded as a PDF.


Breathing Earth
CO2 emmissions, brth and deth rates

interactive rock cycle animation
Piece together for Peace
world map in the signs of the Chinese Zodiac