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Free Short Self-Study English Lessons and Quick Tips for ESL Students

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BBC's Skillswise grammar and spelling page

chinese whispers with text & pictures; Used online; Free

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English Grammar Connections
Students receive constructive feedback throughout the exercises, and get a detailed end-of-round summary report after several questions have been completed.
English zone

Grammar Blast.

Gap fillers

  • Gapfillers is an E-learning site for advanced learners of English to learn English online.
  • Get English language practice through podcasts, Youtube, video news and interactive English grammar quizzes.
  • New material is posted on site each day and a new word arrives by email or sms.
Join Gapfillers E-learning community to get new English grammar, listening and vocabulary every day.
Practise English reading, spelling and punctuation online with Gapfillers.
Gapfillers has over 4,000 pages of English language exercises to choose from.
Join in interactive and collaborative activities. Participate in online English language discussions.

Hang Man

More Hangman
Stay Afloat Hangman

Maggie's Learning Adventures
(Scholastic games and activities)

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Puzzle Choice

Puzzle makerpu.JPG

Rain Words
- twist on a crossword puzzle
- images of objects fall from the top and then the player has to move them to any number of places on the puzzle that have the correct number of places

You can test your skills in English or five other languages! How brainy is that?!


Fowl Words
More Fowl Words
Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun
Vocabulary Games and Puzzles
Learning Vocabulary Can Be Fun


Knoword is a game of quick thinking, smart decisions and great words. It focuses on teaching and advocating proper spelling habits, as well as good observational, analytical and typing skills. What makes Knoword different from all the other fun word games out there is that it's actually fun! With its fast-paced, addictive gameplay and a competitive and comprehensive player ranking system , Knoword pushes the limits on contemporary puzzle games and provides its players with a truly rewarding experience.


The art and science of memory to help you learn faster.

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save the words
celebrates words by “saving” words that are becoming forgotten and left behind in the English language

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