Building and Construction

White Card game

The White Card Game offers an engaging and entertaining way to deliver training in CPCCOHS1001A - Work safely in the construction industry.
Through a first person perspective the goal of the game is to identify, control and report workplace hazards on a construction site without getting injured or causing the death of workmates.
By creating a virtual experience of being on a building site, the game offers real life challenges, problems and risks yet provides a safe place in which to learn and explore.
The project is a collaboration between Victoria University, and Oztron Media, and is funded by the National VET E-Learning Strategy.


3D Energy Efficiency Simulator (OHS)

Play it safe - (OHS)

Hospitality OHS

Virtual Hotel


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bitesize.JPGBBC Bitesize Games

the following great games are taken from the BBC site

You'll never get anywhere without Math

rurevising.jpgRU Revising Science

Mia CadaverTombstone TimeoutMia's ready to test your ability in English, Science and Maths... but are you ready for Mia?
lostarmy.jpgThe Lost Army of Fu ShiThe Lost Army of Fu Shi have done a runner. Use your knowledge of Science, Business Studies, Geography or RS to find out where they've got to!
Spherox - The Search For Homespherox.gifSpherox can't find his way home, heart breaking, huh? Use your knowledge of Maths, English or Science to ensure this story has a happy ending.

destination.jpgDestination DeathForget Destination Death, you'll be heading for Destination F if you don't brush up on your Spanish, French or German skills.State Of Debatestatedebate.jpg
In the year 2020 hoodies are outlawed, but it's not all good news. Stand up for your fellow yoofs using the power of the English Language

hangman.jpgHangmanThis ain't no game of snap, but that's exactly what will happen to Stickman's neck if you don't get guessin', ya get me?

Bitesize Bingo bingo.jpg
I know... Bingo's for oldies, but let's be honest... you're not getting any younger are you? Go on then - pick from Maths, English, Science, French, HistoryGeography.

BrainBashers: Puzzles, Games, Brain Teasers and Optical Illusions

BrainBashers: Puzzles, Games, Brain Teasers and Optical Illusions

Bow Street Runner

interactive game set in Georgian London; Used online; Free


CDX has that most polished graphics you will probably see in a Flash game for a while. In fact, they used real actors and video segments inside the game. The first episode is called “Amnesia,” and you need to find out what is going on on the room where you wake up.

Dark Visionsjhorowitz_darkvisions_screen1.jpg

In Dark Visions, the year is 1928 and you play the role of Emma Fischer, an inquisitive-minded young niece of Dr. Frank Mahler. The doctor runs a mental clinic at his mansion in New Hampshire, and he just sent a letter to his sister requesting Emma's help as an assistant. Upon arrival, however, something doesn't seem right. Where is the doctor? Why is his colleague, James Thaxton Smith, so evasive on the subject of the doctor's whereabouts? And why does the mansion seem deserted? Thus begins your adventure as you seek to find answers and understand just what's been going on at the mysterious Hill Crest Manor.
From the walkthrough by J-Witz


Fun Educational Games

Discover how fun educational video games on Nintendo or PC can help improve problem solving, logic, maths, memory, attention spam, reading .

external image Picture+11.pngFun 4 The Brain

Math, science, and English games.
The design of the games makes it easy to understand how to play without having to read a lot of instructions. This design makes it easy for a teacher to have a classroom of students playing different games without having to spend a lot of time giving different sets of directions to different groups of students.
- audio element to them,
- clear graphics
-i nstant feedback for each question or problem


Games For Education

Search games by age and educational value

Games for the Brain

external image Picture+7.png

Games for the Brain offers a variety of trivia games, word games, geography games, and puzzles in thirty languages.
- NO intrusive, spammy
- some of the games can be embedded into your blog or website.
- useful in ESL/ EFL classrooms and for vocabulary study and spelling practice.


wiki on educational use of games


Kongregate has free games that you can play online. Choose from thousands of free flash games. Complete online game achievements to win badges.

Microsoft® Popflympop.gif

™ is the fun, easy way to build and share mashups, gadgets, games, Web pages, and applications.
Create Games. Popfly is a simple way to create and share games with your friends. Choose from a variety of built-in templates or start from scratch to create a side scrolling game, a 2D shoot-em-up, or a host of others. And best of all, you can get started without writing a line of code.

Mind 360


features at least eighteen free brain training games. The games range in difficulty and in task from simple matching games to more difficult logic and reasoning games.allows you to play the games individually or challenge another Mind 360 user to a game. If you play often, you can track your game scores and progress in your Mind 360 profile


- based on simple physics concepts
- 54 different games, each one can be played directly on the Physics Games website or embedded into your blog or website.
- pop up advetizing before each game


external image play-text.pngPlay games and
The easiest way to learn something is to have fun while doing it! Geography, Science, and Languages, any subject is easier and more fun to learn by playing a quiz game!

Puzzle Paradisepuzzlersparadise.gif

Here you'll find puzzles, trivia, games, and more for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages.


What2Learn is an interactive learning solution which provides effective educational resources and revision games. A great tool for students with learning difficulties such as ADHD and literacy difficulties. It is also a great resource for high achieving students looking to work independently to get ahead


- The Best 3D and Web 2.0 Educational Only Web Games



edugames-that sounds and looks interesting for Higher Education

Traditionally in most games for learning, questions are hard wired into a single game. You can’t change the questions and the game quickly becomes boring. Zondle simply separates your topic from the game so now you can play your topic in lots of different games, making it much more fun and the learning much more effective. There are hundreds of topics on zondle and so thousands of possible combinations of topic and games. On zondle you can play exactly what you want to learn in games you like to play. How do YOU want to learn?

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Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection

the eye balling game