20 things I learned about Browsers and the web

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mouse and keyboard skills

Computing Lesson plans

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Lesson ideas on computing, blogging, podcasting and more in the classroom

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Lesson plans and ideas, PDFS and handouts

introduction to computing skills

Cybersafety and Netiquette

Mouse Skills


Fireflies from Avenscorner

A game to improve mouse skills as well as helping with 1 digit addition.


- magic pen

A physics-based drawing game inspired by Crayon Physics. Guide the red ball or square to the flags by drawing shapes and dropping them.

- Mousaerobics mouse.gif

Copyright and use:
Mouserobics is best displayed at 800 x 600.
The following is written permission to:
  • Link to tutorial
  • Use this tutorial in any classes
  • Save this tutorial onto your harddrive by saving each page and picture in the same directory.

- Mouse Exercises

Mouse exercises developed by Vic Laurie, Ewing Learning Center, for SeniorNet

- Mouse Master

This fun and interactive exercise was developed for computer users at beginner level. In the exercise, you will learn to perform various tasks using your computer mouse, including
  • Pointing (or Mouse-Over)
  • Clicking (with single-click)
  • Clicking (with double-click)
  • Drag-and-Drop
  • Scrolling
  • Check boxes, radio buttons
  • Menus, lists, text fields
At the end of the exercise, there will be a small quiz to see how well you've learned.

- REEP World

interactive tutorials

Mr Sterlings Word Pad


Keyboard skills and Touch Typing

take a screen shot


Computer words

8 FREE Online Computer Science Courses for Beginners and Advances Users