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Premiere English learning community for the global professional. It is an evolving culture of English learners and experts, where people help each other navigate our rapidly changing world through use of a common language.
Like the best Cafes around the world, EnglishCafe is an enclave for vibrant and respectful exchange of knowledge, ideas and entertainment. We value the diversity of people, the unique experiences they bring, and the cultures from which their voices rise.
English does not belong to any group of people. English is a language that is malleable enough for the entire world to use. For this reason, we can learn from each other and about each other through this language. We can indeed advance our careers with English knowledge and make ourselves more marketable in the global economy. It is with a spirit of openness and desire to understand that we built EnglishCafe. We invite you to come in, gain or share knowledge, and join in a world-wide conversation about words and culture.


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Brain Pop
You’ll see how dialogue appears in different types of writing, from novels to comic books to scripts for TV shows and movies. You’ll also learn a few of the rules that apply when you put dialogue into a piece of prose. Finally, You’ll discover how to make your dialogue sound realistic, so that your characters seem more lifelike! Just don’t forget the quotation marks!

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communicating and learning online


- how paraphrases are different from direct quotes
- why you might need to paraphrase a text
- steps to writing a good paraphrase,
- how to avoid plagiarism
- characteristics of an effective paraphrase


Political Literacy and News Media Literacy





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