Why use Comic Creators?

Great for Visual and Kinaesthetic learners, Storyboarding, Digital story Telling, developing narratives and Literacies, reengaging young people... all disguised in a whole lot of fun!


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start from scratch
choose backgrounds, characters, props, editable speech bubbles and some extra words to create your comic
- use a story-starter to finish a story; a three-panel comic, with illustrations, and sometimes speech bubbles that need filling. Pull the handle again to find one you like.


fun, easy-to-use tool for turning digital photos into digital comics.
Be Funky can be used for simple one frame images or be used to create an entire strip of cartoonized images with inserted text.


a simple way to make cartoons, bitsrip allows hidden artistic talents to be put to the front, and minimal amounts of text required.

Boys Life

Easy to use with tools customize their comics (without an overwhelming choice which distracts some learners) A great balance!
- The comic does need to be created in one sitting, there is no way to save and come back to a comic later.
- Completed comics can be printed off and shared.


create comic strips using photos from flick

Captain Underpants

from scholastic.. create your own episode

Cartoon Maker

From Cabridge English onlineCambridge english onlione.JPG


Choggerturn any webage into a comic with the bookmarklet

  • Draw your own characters
  • Import photos
  • Take webcam pictures
Make a Comic
Try it – No login required


this is the grown up version of pikikids. You choose the number of cells and adjust the layout add your own photos


comic master

comic sketchembeddable

comiqs beddable e-comics


comics, minmaps, soundscapes and more

Design Comics

Free comic characters and scenes you can use to develop great product designs.

Funny times





Professor Garfields Comic Creator


What happens when you take a comic book artist, an inventor, and a toy designer? You get Howtoons. Our mission is to provide engaging content that teaches kids how to build things, combining instructions with storytelling. Howtoons has a foundation of science and engineering education, inspiring creativity through art and imagination.
The primary contributors to Howtoons are Nick Dragotta(comic artist), Saul Griffith(inventor), Ingrid Dragotta(toy designer), and Joost Bonsen(the big kid).

Historic Tale Construction Kit

Medievil imagery, archaic text


Lego city comics

make belifs comix

rage maker


external image Picture+11.png
- fun drag and drop cartoon builder
- allows students to create sound effects to insert into their stories.
- gallery of professionally built animated historical myths and legends and gallery of stories submitted by students.
- fun and engaging way to get students to write fiction stories.


The idea for Stage’D was born on the train home from work when Eric, Aaron and Ben (the creator of DFilm) decided that creating a 3D update to DFilm could probably be cranked out in short order over a weekend (thereby allowing time for beer) and would be reasonably fun to do. Naturally, they turned out to be wildly incorrect about the former, fortunately accurate about the latter. Being that they were comic and theater nerds, it quickly became obvious that these important influences should become some of the key components of Stage’D.

One more Level

draw and animate your own cartoon


Simple product designed for kids to use


drag and drop interface which allows anyone regardless of artistic ability to create comics



strip creator

Super action Comic Maker

The Super Action Comic Maker has a drag and drop interface which students use to select a background and character to build a six frame comic.

super hero squad

create a comic strip or a comic book
- save and print
- play games, watch videos


external image creator_in-h.png external image book_in-n.png external image traitor_in-n.png external image imaginer_in-n.png external image doodler_in-n.png external image ctm_ic1.png


Toon booksCreate your own 3-panel comic strip

or make your own cartoon with your favorite TOON BOOK character!

witty comics