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  • Eclipse Code Formatter 4The Eclipse IDE has built-in support for code formatting. You can decide how specific languages should be formatted and Eclipse can apply the formatting either automatically or on demand.
  • JSHint 5A JavaScript code quality tool that also checks for stylistic issues.
  • CSS Lint 6A CSS code quality tool by Nicole Sullivan 7 and me that also checks for stylistic issues.
  • Checkstyle 8A tool for checking style guidelines in Java code, which can also be used for other languages.
Create an account in less than a minute and access your code snippets from anywhere.
SnipSave features a very easy-to-use interface where you can quickly create, edit and delete code snippets. It was designed and built for ease and speed of use.
displays what code looks like as you enter it
CSSLint is a quick and dirty tool to check your CSS for errors and warnings. Simply copy-paste your CSS code into the provided space and click on “Lint”. The tool will scan through your CSS and identify any errors.

CSSTypeset: Quickly Generate The CSS Code For Your Texts
enter the URL of any CSS file to view and modify its colour spectrum
deobfuscate google chrome
charts from google

**CSS3 Drop Shadow Generator** – If you are a web designer and want to quickly generate shadows for an image using CSS, check out the CSS3 Drop Shadow Generator, which lets you do just that. The tool is instant and lets you view the results and the respective generated CSS code immediately on the right hand side. First, choose among 8 different shadow styles. Read more: **CSS3 Drop Shadow Generator: Generate CSS3 Shadows For An Image In 8 Different Styles**

create boxes that are appealing to site visitors
A great evolution in the development of visualisation programming tools, D3 is “is a small, free JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data“. Created by Mike Bostock, it is a successor to the popular Protovis and provides a fast, flexible and efficient visualisation framework for designing contemporary web-based visualisations.
create various CSS codes on the fly by configuring elements like drop shadow, inner shadow, background, border, and border radius
CSS3 codes for commonly used shapes

script tag libraries
free online CSS3 typeset style generator
how to be a CSS jedi master

From Somacon Web development

fluid grid calculator
You give the calculator the number of columns you want your grid system to have, how wide you want one of those columns to be and, finally, how wide you want the gaps between each column (gutters) to be.
Given just these three bits of information the script gives you back a full stylesheet—which you can download—which contains the measurements for all of your possible grid sizes, their gutters and their containers.

Unicode table


is a visual programming language for Javascript. It is very similar to scratch developed at MIT, but as an added feature also allows users to view the code.