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Amnesty International

Teaching about human rights: curriculum resources from Amnesty International

Australian Citizenship

external image Picture+3.pngAyiti The Cost of Life

An educational game designed to teach students about the cost of living, the struggles to improve life in rural Haiti, (Ayiti is the Haitian Creole word for Haiti) and for learning about the struggles and challenges of life as a farming family in a less economically developed country. In the game students have to help the "Guinard Family" improve their lives in terms of finances, health care, education, and general happiness. The game plays out over a timeline of four years and sixteen seasons. Each season brings a new challenge.

Business game

The Curfew

The Curfew is an adventure web-game created by Littleloud, published by Channel 4 and written by acclaimed comic book author, Kieron Gillen.Set in 2027 in the heart of an authoritarian security state, The Curfew could be described as a miniature Canterbury Tales set in a not-so-distant future, where citizens must abide by government security measures and 'sub citizens' are placed under curfew at night. The player must navigate this complex political world and engage with the characters they meet along the way to work out who they should trust in order to gain freedom.Choose wisely and you could change the course of history. Choose poorly, and it'll be changed for you.The Curfew: Worth Staying In For.

Design Science Lab

The site includes resources.

Dingo Creek

This resource is centred on the fictitious town of 'Dingo Creek.' The online game allows students to identify risks from natural disasters, face the effect of severe weather emergencies, reduce the risk to their communities and stay safe with their families.

Darfur tragedy


Darfur is Dying

Sudan In Crisis

Crisis In Darfur Expands


Miniature Earth
World Conflicts Today
NASA's Fifty Years In Space
Peace Corps Challenge Game
World Food Prices
Sustainability Game
Jogo Green
The Basics Of Global Warming
Forces Of Change
Rwanda Genocide
Refugees Worldwide

Design Science Lab

edna's tolerance and harmony resources

From the ilearn technology blog
- is an energy game sponsored by Chevron.
- you must keep the city prosperous, secure, and clean based on current lifestyles and the projected energy demands and costs for developed countries in North America, Europe, and Asia.
- similar to SimCity

Energy Force
Energy Force is an online game with a focus on energy. It encourages students to complete a series of missions to discover members of a secret organisation who are polluting the environment.


For each answer you get right, we donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations World Food Program
external image Picture+1.png


The goal of many organizations is to end poverty. We intend to do the same, and we want you to contribute. By testing your knowledge on the map shown above, each correct answer means you will be donating 10 cups of water. We chose water as our primary source of donation, because it is something that all human beings need to survive. And around the world, there are many, too many people who don't have access to clean drinking water; thus causing various illnesses. With your contribution, we may just be one step closer to ending poverty.

Global Citizenship

Human Rights and Politics

The Hunger Site, The Child health Site, The Literacy Site, The Rainforest Site

A mouse click helps provide money for food, child health, literacy and rainforest protection. Donations are made by the sites' sponsors and distributed by aid agencies.

lottery of life

From save the children
spin the wheel and find out how your life could have been different depending on where you were born

Million futures

share and explore views about future life and learning. Virtual paper planes invite you to add your own views and explore other peoples.

Oxfam education resources


QUIZZES from Monster

Culture Quizzes

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Are you planning to look for work in Australia? Well, brush up on your knowledge of Australian culture with this quiz.

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France Culture Quiz

Are you planning to look for work in France but aren't sure how far your extensive knowledge of croissants will get you once you land? Test yourself on how well you understand French culture first.

Germany Culture Quiz

Are you planning on looking for work in Germany? Well, test yourself on how well you understand German culture first. Knowing the answers to the following questions can help you avoid embarrassing situations.

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Singapore Culture Quiz

Do you know proper etiquette when it comes to shaking hands -- or holding hands -- with business counterparts while on the island of Singapore? Test yourself here.

Swedish Culture Quiz

Are you planning to look for work in Sweden? Test your knowledge of Scandinavian culture by taking this quiz.
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Refugees Worldwide

Wars, famine, and natural disasters are just a few of the reasons people are forced to leave their homes and flee their countries. Around the world, millions of refugees are waiting, sometimes for a lifetime, to return home. Here is a look at who they are.


URI kids


Mouse clicks provide water, food, education and money to various organisations delivering aid in developing countries.

Simulate life in another country

social impact games


Traces of hope

Vicious war in Northern Uganda has destroyed Joseph’s home and torn his family apart. He has one goal: to find out from the Red Cross if his mother is alive or dead.

Now he has arrived in the dangerous camp they call Hopetown. He has 24 hours to track down the Red Cross messenger and he needs you to be his guide.
He has a satellite phone; you have the web – together you’ll make a great team. Time is running out. Guide Joseph through sickness, fire and violence as together you follow his traces of hope.