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A Global View examines themes connecting works of art created around the world in different eras. The thirteen-part series explores diverse cultural perspectives on shared human experiences.

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Explore the Greatest Paintings of the WorldGeocoded Art is a collection of world's greatest landscape, cityscape and seascape paintings. Explore the location of these paintings using Google or Bing Maps

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good resource for art teachers on implementation and management in the classroom
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Welcome to The Teaching Palette!

The Teaching Palette is a blog authored by art educators for art educators. Our goal is to provide a collaborative and resourceful forum where art specialists of all levels can explore professional topics that impact our subject area - from classroom management to tools and techniques to integrating music. We'll also be providing valuable product reviews, authored by fellow art teachers. Join the conversation by contributing content or comments. Follow the dialogue by subscribing to our site via RSS or email.


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This page is a catalogue of all our Podcasts, for those who are looking for everything in one place. Most of these are referenced in the Look-Listen-Learn section of our site, where you will also find teacher resources and dedicated Web pages with more information—and where you can listen to and download clips individually; just click visit page to go.

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Want everything? We have a [[#sink|Kitchen Sink]]podcast, too.


good resource for art teachers on implementation and management in the classroom

smarthistory is a free multi-media web-book designed as a dynamic enhancement (or even substitute) for the traditional art history textbook. Dr. Beth Harris and Dr. Steven Zucker began smARThistory in 2005 by creating a blog featuring free audio guides in the form of podcasts for use in The Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Soon after, we embedded the audio files in our online survey courses. The response from our students was so positive that we decided to create a multi-media survey of art history web-book. We created audios and videos about works of art found in standard art history survey texts, organized the files stylistically and chronologically, and added text and still images.

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