Ad Decoder

lets students see ads in a virtual magazine and points out the misleading techniques used in them.


exploring advertising
online game begun from the U.S. government to help students understand the hidden messages of advertising.
The New York Times:
seeks to educate children in grades four through six — tweens, in the parlance of marketing — about how advertising works so they can make better, more informed choices when they shop or when they ask parents to shop on their behalf.

may take some time to download

AdText –

An Interdisciplinary Curriculum for Advertising in Society, Culture and History

CoCo Adversmarts

Interactive with audio
learn about food marketing by creating their own online ad. It’s from the Media Awareness Network.

Don’t Buy It!

PBS accessible interactives.

English Online lesson plan and resources.

Persuasive Techniques in Advertising from Read Write Think.

See How You Get Hooked Into Buying Now!

accessible student-created website.

Understanding The Media links.

Textbook publisher McDougal Littell

You Are Here

designed specifically to help young people develop a more sophisticated understanding of advertising.